The Italian Ice Cream that’s Naturally Good

We are master ice-cream makers who are passionate about ice cream and want everyone to know about authentic Italian artisan ice cream and appreciate its taste and quality.



What is Italian artisan ice cream?

Artisan ice-cream is food that is produced in small quantities and is intended for immediate consumption. The carefully crafted recipes use quality ingredients to create flavours characterised by a great deal of attention to detail.

No preservatives or colourings.

Artisan ice cream does not need preservatives or colourings and the whole freezing process has been designed to bring out its best qualities. Our master ice cream makers are dedicated to the production of ice cream, sorbets and semi-frozen desserts, putting their extensive experience into practice.

A great deal of experience, researching flavours.

The master ice-cream makers from Dolomiti use their extensive experience as well as skilfulness and creativity both in following the traditional recipes used by the best Italian restaurants and in the continuous search for more and more refined and delicious flavours.

Ice cream through time.

The Venetian confectioners of antiquity used to prepare their sorbets made of lemon, mulberry or berries in copper containers cooled with snow from the Dolomites which, when combined with salt, made the temperature drop to 15° below zero. When their sweet syrups froze, they removed that mixture from the walls of the containers by skilfully using a spatula – known as whisking) - and served it immediately to their hungry customers. This same procedure is also followed today by the best ice-cream makers who, with their hard work and the aid of modern technology, are able to exploit the action of the cold to obtain true scoopable and tasty delicacies, which are not frozen but still velvety and available in a thousand different flavours. … a naturally good ice cream.


At Dolomiti we want our ice cream to be good, genuine and representative of unique Italian flavours.


Daily production.

Our ice cream is produced every day in our state of the art laboratories, by hand and using the most advanced Italian technology, with the best ingredients, some of which are imported from Italy or sourced from carefully-selected Polish suppliers, but without any artificial additives.

Dessert or complete food.

As soon as it has been packaged, our ice cream is immediately distributed to the points of sale, where it is presented competently and sympathetically to satisfy any desire for fresh dessert or complete food.


Dolomiti respects the environment and so uses highly biodegradable packaging.

Online booking or take away service.

Our quality is also brought into the home to make life sweeter and to give a touch of exclusivity and sophistication on special occasions or at the table every day, thanks to the practical online booking and take-away service.

What are our specialities?

We are proud to offer the most famous flavours of the Italian ice-cream parlour together with the most popular varieties from traditional Polish confectionery. We invite you to taste our pastries filled with ice cream and cream and our spaghetti ice cream, which make excellent snacks for walks. To find out more, visit our gallery with the ice-cream flavours and the list of ingredients used to make them.


Dolomiti has its headquarters and laboratory in Bedzin and has started to expand its sales outlets in the main parks and shopping centres in the Katowice region.


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